Witching Hour: Drawing Sessions with Phil

I drew during the last witching hour even though it wasn’t really the main agenda (patterns). But yeah I suppose it did help me because the next 4 witching hour sessions were all drawings. I did some silk sketches, crosshatching antlers, ballpoint pen scribbles and oil pastel on black paper. Isn’t it wonderful! I did all of these with Phil! Okay okay, I kind of forced him but it’s okay because he did better than I did in all the exercises even if I spent a longer time doing my pieces. Boo for me! The last piece was not as gratifying as the first three but it’s okay, I’m glad that I am doing this more often. Who knows, maybe in the future I’d be even less scared of drawing whatever is in front of me.

Without further ado, here are our drawings!


I think we really sucked with color but it’s okay. That only means we have to try more experimenting with color. Plus we are going to schedule one with a scientific illustration with pointillism. I bet it’s going to be a whole day affair! Ha ha!



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