Helios Pyrography Tool Kit: Manila

house number, door sign and coasters

13122853_1388131011204458_7026971235101878067_oNow that I have a number of finished works using my Helios Wood-Burning Tool, it’s the perfect time to write about it. Let’s start with the things I had issues with.

The last one I used was wireless so I knew I was going to have issues with the wire even if it’s not exactly limiting. It meant I had to work close to the box and sometimes it feels heavier than usual because of the pull of the wire.

The pen was still too thick and still heats up when used for some time. I hope in the future silicone can be used for more heat resistance and perhaps make it a more ergonomic “pen”?

The kit is a little bit bulky so you can’t exactly just put it in your drawer when it’s not in use. I also tend to get a bit paranoid when packing it up because I might damage the tip. I should design a cap so I don’t have to worry about it.

But otherwise this locally-made pyrography tool kit is the best thing that happened to me and my craft. I love how easily the heat settings can be adjusted. I love how I can use it for longer periods of time. I love the pyro tip’s precision and I can do various angles without worrying about unwanted heatmarks (when I used Dremel’s Versa tool, I burnt areas which were far from the tip). I also like the appeal of the black wooden handle.


chopping board


jungle bolo


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