Layered Paper Illustration: A Collaboration

It’s been some time since my last collaboration so I’m glad this turned out lovely. Mostly, I’ve been afraid of not being mature (or flexible) enough to work on something indulgent like an art piece. Jodi who has been my constant companion in poledancing and aerial classes as well as workshops and crafting sessions is the perfect collaborator. I say this not for any other quality each of us has but because of the time we have spent getting to know each other.

After the first finished piece (yes it shall be a series!), I’m thrilled not only because I’m satisfied of the final output but also because I know that we both have grown during this project. And the feeling was definitely mutual (or so I thought)! She will gladly take on stuff I’d rather not do and just the same I’d push her when she hesitates, Haha! It would probably be the case for the next ones. We will discover and we will teach each other more. What can I say, I can’t wait!

“Anton” Layered Paper Illustration
Jodiyosa x A.K.A.Raya/Concept+Illustration+Design+Assemblage

After discussing the concept, Jodi draws characters posed in an apparatus and Adele designs cutouts based on the illustration. Together they work on the layout, the coloring and the assemblage. Sisters in aerial arts and crafts, this is their first collaboration.

  • concept, layout, painting and assemblage: Jodi and Adele
  • figure illustration, design and tracing: Jodi
  • cutout design, background/foreground details and photography: Adele

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