D.I.Y. Journal/Notebook (faux dori)

Here I give you 50+ things to consider if you plan to make your own journal or notebook, Midori-style.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a notebook with me. I used to spend a lot on fancy notebooks but nowadays the very basic ones would suffice. As a notebook afficionado and all-around crafter, getting into Midori-style notebooks is perilous! It’s hard not to get carried away. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to the cover. I think leather would be the best but of course there are others like canvas, waxed canvas, printed textile, denim, textured paper, wood and metal. Next, designing the cover is a lot of fun. For leather I can paint, burn, tool, dye or punch. Or should I go for combinations of these? Hmmm… I want to tell you what I can do with the rest but this is just for the cover.

Let’s take a peek inside.

  1. What’s the color of the notebook cover?
  2. How many notebooks should I put?
  3. What size and how many sheets?
  4. Should I go for kraft/cream/white/black/recycled sheets?
  5. Do I go for lined/blanks/graphing paper?

And what about the other details for the cover?

  1. Should I use a simple elastic band to hold them together?
  2. What about snaps?
  3. What about a magnet?
  4. Or perhaps a belt and strap?
  5. A piece of leather you tie round and round?

While we’re at it, let’s ponder more on the cover design.

  1. Just plain leather is already a classic.
  2. Do I add stitches using waxed thread?
  3. But should I put a small personalized logo?
  4. But filling it the entire cover with patterns also sound rad!
  5. Tassels, beads and charms attached on leatherettes are also sweet.

Oh but what about the accessories inside?

  1. Do I put a pen holder?
  2. What about an attached bookmark?
  3. Do I put folders for receipts and stuff?
  4. Do I put a zipped bag somewhere in there?
  5. What about conversion guides, rulers and layouts?

Speaking of layouts:

  1. Should I opt for daily, weekly or monthly plans?
  2. A calendar should be in there somewhere…
  3. To do lists, to buy lists, wish lists and other kinds of lists are necessary.
  4. Should I put in flaps with pockets for random items?
  5. What about a flap that is purely aesthetic, with a quote or something?

Love! Love! Love!

*For the record, I haven’t started.


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