Food Styling and Photography

I’m so excited that I finished finalizing the photos in a day!

Happy Mrs. Laksa

I feel it’s mostly luck but I could be wrong. I did food styling/photography using my external flash for the first time and I am just blown away by the results! My flash actually went bonkers and made me suffer dying every after a flash towards the end of the shoot so it’s a surprise that I was still able to choose a lot of good ones. I already took pictures for Happy Mrs. Laksa before but I did not use my flash and I did not help out in styling.


This time, it was a full setup. I used a flash, a reflective umbrella, a diffuser and a reflector. I had a variety of wooden bases and even painted an illustration board to serve as background. In total, we took pictures of 5 different food items: sambal, sticky pork, Hainanese chicken, tamarind chicken and laksa. But of course we attempted different serving sizes, angles and feel for each shot. It took us about 6 hours but it would have been a lot shorter if only my flash worked fine.

I’m just so thrilled that it worked out. I am eager to do more even if it’s just my cooking or a random “product” shoot. I learned a lot so soon I will also post some pointers for newbies just like me. I still see a lot of room for improvement so do comment if you have some simple tricks for me as well!

Laksa plus Homemade Sambal

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