Notebook Mogul #1


There are times that I’m sure I am manic like now. I get too excited to sleep or eat. I want to buy stuff. I mean a lot of stuff. I’m too sensitive and over-analyze. And of course I get a thousand one ideas and get on the move!

Now it’s leather. I really wish I get somewhere with this before I lose my momentum. This is very typical of me so I should really embrace this madness while it lasts. I started doing prototypes for my notebook covers.

  1. Decide what kind of notebook cover you want.
  2. Choose the notebook size and number of notebooks.
  3. Make measurements based on your design.
  4. Punch holes for your elastics.
  5. Tie a knot with your elastics and slid your notebooks in.


  1. Stick to simple designs first and work your way to more complicated patterns.
  2. Use a silver pen to mark your leather to avoid mistakes.
  3. A metal ruler and a cutter are reliable leather cutting tools for beginners. I also used a coin to make rounded corners.
  4. Make sure you have a cutting mat and a punching tile to protect your tabletop.
  5. You need to work on a stable surface as you will be hammering punchers on your leather. It would also help if you work during the day or in a place where no one will be disturbed by your hammering.

Next, get the feel of your notebook. If something does not work as you like, you can always get back to the drawing board and improve your design. Relax, it’s your first try.


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