The Craft Central at The Block


I’ve been aching to visit The Craft Central ever since I heard they will be opening a shop here at SM North Edsa. I mean I love their shop at Greenbelt but I don’t always have the luxury or time to visit Makati. A friend of mine (Jodiyosa) is one of the partners so I knew about the space before they officially opened.



Look at all of this! I intentionally did not put everything here because I think you should visit the shop instead. I bet you’ll have a lot of fun in finding a cool set of stickers, items to help you organize your stuff, things that inspire you and materials that make crafting more fun!

Hi Jods!


Oh look it’s Alexis of The Craft Central! I attended one of her calligraphy classes a long time ago but I got to meet her again today. OMG I also saw Abbey Sy (but I kept my cool)!

I am glad that this crafting revolution is taking place now. There are so many shops that support and inspire local talent! I am glad to be a part of this community.  I can’t wait to share and learn from everyone. Cheers!



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