Foraying into Leather

Now that I decided to jump into leather crafting, I am going to do a lot of playing around the coming days. Here is my list of things to try on leather. The ones in bold letters are things I think are more difficult than the others. Hopefully I can tick at least half of these! Well actually I’ve already tried some but I want to have finished products instead of just trying them out.
  1. cut
  2. form/shape/mold
  3. tool/stamp
  4. burnish/repousse
  5. carve
  6. sculpt/layer
  7. gold leafing
  8. punch
  9. dye
  10. paint
  11. heat foil
  12. embellish with hardware
  13. wax transfer
  14. applique
  15. hand stitch
  16. machine stitch
  17. embroider
  18. Vinyl transfer
  19. Burn
  20. paper transfer

For my first stop, it’d be bookmarks, labels and organizers. Crossing my fingers!


Update: In this episode of Witching Hour, it was Punch and Burn! Jodiyosa’s works have girls in them (the bookmark and the cuff). Mine are purely flourishes (bookmark and small labels).

Next stop, punch and paint, foiling and hardware and of course transfers and tooling! So much excitement. This is crazy. I’m crazy.


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