A.K.A. Raya stands for my initials and surname, apt as an umbrella term for the miscellany of (pre)occupations I have. I actually want to keep everything under a singular label but so far my aliases seem to have a very short lifespan and I outgrow them just as another interest grows on me.

I do a lot of indulgent writing. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen mastering traditional specialties and experimenting on whatever I get my hands on. I am also some sort of a fitness enthusiast. I try to attend pole, hoop and silk classes when I can. Other times, I do crossfit and calisthenics.

And then of course there’s crafts and photography. I think of myself more as a hobbyist (as in someone who collects hobbies). As a result, I have an impressive list of useless skills that sometimes fit together for a specific project. My lack of focus seems to be more of a weakness than a strength but many of our traits that make us are like that. Somehow it works.

It’s nice to meet you too.


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